Past Performances

Musicians have raved about playing at Riffs. Here is who we’ve had so far and what they have to say about their experience…

Kate MacLeod- 4/27/13

Riff’s Acoustic Music has created one of the best listening rooms in the region, presenting a rare treat for the performers and the audience. I would love most of all, to perform every night in an atmosphere just like that.”
-Kate MacLeod

Small House Mule – 3/27/13

Matt Flinner Trio – 2/7/13

Riffs Annual Holiday Special for the benefit of the Peace House- 12/12/12

We love our jobs! Playing for a receptive, engaged audience in an intimate setting like Riffs is a special treat for musicians and music lovers!

Michael Lucarelli- 10/29/12

Chris Proctor- 10/13/12

If every gig I played could be as cool as a Riffs concert, I would be a very happy man!

Lash LaRue- 9/28/12

The Folka Dots -8/31/12

Wow. What an incredible experience we had last night playing the Full Moon Concert Series with our Park City friends at one very cool Riffs Acoustic Music. Thanks all!

James Tautkus and Bryon Friedman - 8/3/12

Wanted to reach out and show my gratitude towards your support. I think we all agree that the performance at Riffs August 3rd was successful. I know I had a fantastic time and that was due to not only friends and fans coming out to enjoy the music but because we were able to offer them great incentives for being there. Thank you again for helping me out and being apart of the night!

Sincerely, James

Sideshow Ramblers featuring Chasing Lions- 7/7/12

We had a great time playing the concert at riffs, it is a great venue for live music. The audience was awesome and we cant wait to play there again!


Mary Beth Maziarz and Beth Wood- 6/4/12

"Riffs is an intimate listening venue that is thoughtfully run with great sound and great people -- a real gem!!  Beautiful acoustic guitars hang on the walls all around, and the room was filled with a fun, responsive crowd of folks.  Places like Riffs are nurturing this artform, and for that I am so very grateful."

-Beth Wood


Red Desert Ramblers- 3/18/11 & 5/5/12

"Playing at Riffs was a blast.  It is a great Bluegrass venue because it is small, personal, and has a great atmosphere.  One couple, who is from back east, commented after the show how they haven't enjoyed such electric Bluegrass vibes since coming out west. The response from the audience was enthusiastic which made my experience at Riffs satisfying and fun."

-Dave Bates of the Red Desert Ramblers


Small House Strings- 4/17/11 & 10/26/11 & 4/19/12

"The performance room and stage at Riffs are perfect for the small, intimate show. I have enjoyed hearing other performers there, and playing there was wonderful. The audience was great, and the new sound system was dialed in just right. Things couldn't have worked out better." 4/17

"Playing in a restaurant is like skiing groomers; playing at Riffs is like skiing great powder." 10/26

-Marty Morrison of Small House Strings

Small House Strings at Riffs on Youtube


Voice of Women- Kymberlee and Lisa Needham- 4/6/12

Kymberlee on Youtube


Men Of Worth- 3/6/12

"After touring for a week doing concerts and outreach programs, it was a pleasure to stop in to ‘Riffs’ in Park City, Utah for an intimate acoustic evening of song and stories. Larry was a gracious host and really took care of us. We play several small intimate venues from time to time and they are without a doubt some of our most enjoyable shows.  Riffs was no exception!  This is a wonderful venue for the audience and artist.  It was a pleasure playing to a music loving audience in a room surrounded by walls of acoustic guitars!  The pre-show meet and greet and the adjacent coffee bar added an extra element to the night; a truly wonderful venue.  We look forward to a return visit."

-Bronagh Keigher of Men of Worth

Men Of Worth on Youtube


Matt Flinner Trio- 2/16/12

"We loved Riffs for its warmth and intimacy, and the fact that the audience is definitely there to listen. We had a great time and would love to come back."

-Matt Flinner

Matt Flinner Trio on Youtube
Matt Flinner Trio on Youtube


Mister Sister- 1/11/12

The Riffs stage is a very cool place to play. It's unique setting among the guitars inspires both the musicians and the audience. As musicians, we strive and work for that kind of situation and atmosphere to perform in. To get there and have a captive audience that's so close is thrilling and challenging. We had an especially great time.

A special thanks to Larry, Stephen and everyone at Riffs for having us and for promoting local music in their store and on their stage. We also thank all the people who came to the show, you lifted us. In the end, it's about the entertainers and audience connecting and Riffs enables that magic to happen.

-Mister Sister

Mister Sister on Youtube


Riffs Holiday Show for the benefit of Peace House- The Riff Raff, Karsyn Robb, Rich Wyman and Lisa Needham- 12/14/11

"Thank you so much for the amazing show last night. Your generosity and talents never cease to amaze us! I can't tell you how much we appreciate your putting together the Benefit Show. The $1,000 you raised is enough to help with "emergency client needs" for the year. (Emergency Client Needs are things that grants do NOT cover...such as car repairs, eye glasses, medications, etc.) Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for caring about the families we help. In addition, thank you for helping raise good cheer. As Jane said last night, "Peace House is not fun"...meaning we help women and children who are in horrible, terrible situations. It is difficult for us to have meaningful events that raise money...and are fun. This has become one of our favorite fundraisers because of ALL of you. Your hospitality is truly touching...everything from the red table clothes to event promotion means so much.

-Jane Patten and Cary Kody of Peace House

Riff Raff- Chariot
Riff Raff- Bluegrass Jam


Voice of Women- Karsyn Robb and Jeanne Rettos-Logan- 11/16/11

"Performing at Riffs was A BLAST! Everyone there was so supportive and true music lovers, which made the whole event that much more exciting! I loved having the opportunity to share my music in my own community and Riffs was the perfect place to do that. I LOVE RIFFS!"

-Karsyn Robb

Karsyn Robb at Riffs on Youtube
Jeanne Rettos-Logan at Riffs on Youtube


Chris Proctor- 11/21/10 & 10/2/11

"Playing at Riffs is a little like playing in your perfect living room- if your idea of perfect is a good listening audience, good sound, and having instruments humming all around you." 11/21

"I really appreciate the care you've put into making Riffs feel so welcoming to customers and concert attendees. The atmosphere is what I enjoy the most, that totally pristine and quiet environment, on top of your friendly and welcoming presence." 10/2

- Chris Proctor

Chris Proctor at Riffs on Youtube


Bryon Friedman- 9/14/11

"Park City needed a venue like Riff's. A place where music can be heard, where people can sit and listen to an artist or band in an intimate setting and enjoy every word every note, and even hear our mistakes. Playing there was a fulfilling musical experience, it's more real, and I can't wait to do it again soon!"

-Bryon Friedman

Bryon Friedman at Riffs on Youtube


Larry Keel and the Natural Bridge- 8/25/11

"What a treat, to perform in a space filled with beautifully crafted instruments at every turn-  all those wonderful wood vibrations, coupled with an audience who is attentive yet fun and ready to join us on our musical entertainment adventure, all make for an ultra uplifting experience..  Riffs rocks!"

-Larry Keel

Larry Keel at Riffs on Youtube


Tibetan Monks- Sounds of a Monastic Life- 8/2/11


The Patwa Reggae Band- 7/15/11

"Playing at Riffs was easily one of the most fun shows with the warmest crowd that we have played for in all of 2011."

-Collin Higgins of The Patwa Reggae Band


Holy Water Buffalo- 6/17/11


Mary Beth Maziarz- 5/17/11

"Thanks for such a great evening last night. I can't remember -- truly -- the last time I had such a seamless, beautiful gig. The crowd was great, the vibe was lovely . . . it was just magical. Plus, it was the best sound I've ever had in a listening room (and I've played a lot).
You have created a gem of a place in Riffs. Thanks for all the work and thought that you've put into making it so special."

-Mary Beth Maziarz


Detour Utah- 4/30/11

"The opportunity to perform at Riffs Acoustic Music in Park City should not be overlooked by musicians from near or afar.  Owner Larry Hart and his team have created an intimate, relaxed community gathering space within the store and performance venue that draws attentive, enthusiastic crowds of music lovers.  Whether you're a musician traveling through town or a local picker looking for a fresh place to share your musical gifts, Riffs should not be missed!"

-Lisa Rae Schneider of Detour Utah



Lash LaRue- 2/18/11

"Riffs is a great venue.  The intimate setting and  audience quality creates a unique and gratifying atmosphere.  Riffs is fostering a culture of mutual appreciation between the musicians and the listener.  As a band, that atmosphere reminds you and reinforces the reasons why you are out there playing in the first place. Besides that they have a kick ass guitar shop!"

- Jack Walzer of Lash LaRue



Motherlode Canyon Band- 1/19/11

"The aura of Riffs hits you right away. The woods, instruments, angles and atmosphere are an acoustic musician's dream. Our thanks and appreciation to Riffs for creating such an intimate setting for musicians to connect with audiences. When the house lights go down, it's the real deal. We totally enjoyed doing an acoustic evening at Riffs!"

-Dan Hall of Motherlode Canyon Band



Riffs Teaching Staff- for the benefit of the Peace House- 12/8/10

"Riffs staged an amazing benefit concert for Peace House.  The instructors from Riffs performed a wide variety of music that had the guests totally engaged.  The venue provides an intimate atmosphere that connects the performers and audience in a way that rarely happens.  Larry Hart and his "crew" provided the perfect event that people of all ages and backgrounds could enjoy.  It truly was an evening to remember. Thanks to everyone at Riffs - you are the BEST!"

- Jane Patten, Executive Director of the Peace House



Tom Prasada-Rao and Cary Cooper- 11/7/10



Cosy Sheridan- 10/29/10

"Riffs has created a perfect space for a small intimate concert; it is a sweet room. It was a great place for a songwriting workshop as well! With their practice-lesson rooms in the back and the coffee bar in between, it's a perfect home for musicians and musicians-in-the-making!"

- Cosy Sheridan



Randall Williams- 10/10/10

"My show at Riffs was one of the best I've played - such a warm room, great sound, and a kind, appreciative listening audience. Two thumbs up!"

- Randall Williams