Recording Service

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Riffs is now offering recording instruction and services!

-Record your favorite songs to show off to your friends.

-Can’t sing and play at the same time? You don’t have to! Record your guitar track first and then sing along the next time through!

-Play along with your own music developing lead, bass line, melody, and harmony skills.

-Hone your skills by analyzing your mistakes and practicing where you need most improvement.

-Want to start playing live gigs? Record a demo to show off to venues!

-iTunes mp3 files and/or burned CD’s of your work are included free of charge!

-Learn the in’s and out’s of recording in the GarageBand or Logic so you can do it yourself!

The service includes use of GarageBand or Logic software with aid of a proficient instructor, a M-Audio USB interface, studio quality Shure microphones, Sennheiser studio headphones, and top-of-the-line Monster Cables.  Recording service is limited to 8 tracks at a time.  Contact us about price listings.

Contact Steve at for more information on our recording service or to sign up!